Posted On: December 7, 2012 by Nancy Barron

FTC Used Car Buyer's Guide Is Under Review


The FTC-mandated Used Car Buyers Guide should appear in the window of every car, truck and SUV sold on a used car lot throughout the country. The Federal Trade Commission and federal law require this important piece of information to protect consumers against rampant used car fraud. For the first time since 1995, the FTC is taking a close look at the Used Car Buyers Guide as part of its ongoing systematic review of all of the agency's rules and guides. The agency wants to ensure that its guidelines are up-to-date and effective. Used car dealers, of course, can be expected to complain that any regulation, and particularly the Buyers Guide, is overly burdensome. But, it is not a burden to simply tell the truth. It is not a burden to give buyers crucial information that the seller already knows. In other words, the Buyers Guide should level the playing field for dealers and buyers alike.

In particular, the FTC is seeking public comment on proposed changes to the Used Car Buyers Guide required by the Federal Trade Commission's Used Car Rule. Particularly significant to thousands of California consumers, the Commission will issue a final rule that makes technical corrections, revises the Spanish translation, and makes the Buyers guide more readable for all consumers. For more information on the changes in progress and how to make your voice heard, check out the FTC's website here