Posted On: October 8, 2012 by Nancy Barron

Bringing It Home

Jobs, jobs, jobs! President Obama will be happy to hear that General Motors is bringing 1500 technology jobs back home to Michigan beginning in the next few months. After decades of hearing about American companies outsourcing jobs and ignoring American initiative, it is good news that an American icon of manufacturing is eliminating more than a thousand overseas jobs and bringing those labor opportunities back home.

This week, General Motors reports that it plans to hire 1,500 workers for a new software development center in Michigan. The Great Lakes State will be home to the second of four planned new software centers. Texas saw the first of the foursome open in Austin just last month.

GM's Chief Information Officer Randy Mott, who came to GM from his previous tenure at Hewlett Packard, believes the plan will save General Motors money in the form of more efficient and productive IT applications. "We're currently seeking the next generation of game-changers to help us usher in a new age of automotive innovation at GM," said GM Chief Information Officer Randy Mott.

The IT Innovation Centers are intended to serve GM's overall business strategy, helping it create and deliver technology services, improve company performance, reduce operation costs, and increase innovation.

This is good news for General Motors and good news for American jobs. The impressive turnaround at GM after the government bailout has been a source of pride for President Obama on the campaign trail this election cycle, particularly since Romney was against using federal funding to help GM back on its feet.