Posted On: May 16, 2012 by Nancy Barron

Keyless Ignition - The Dangers of Convenience

keyless-ignition.jpg Carbon monoxide poisoning is a high price to pay for a little convenience. Incessant idling, however, can lead to injury or death in circumstances where a car's ignition does not turn itself off. There have been reported deaths related to vehicles that were inadvertently left running in closed garages, leading to build-up of the notorious odorless gas. This is particularly true since cars now run so much more quietly than before. Experts say drivers forget to press the "off" button, when they eliminate the habit of removing the key.

Consumer advocates including the American Association for Justice have urged the National Highway Traffic Safety Association to adopt a rule requiring keyless ignition engines in cars and trucks to shut themselves off after 30 minutes of idling. Even this request seems to allow excessive idling duration, due to the serious danger involved.

Gas poisoning is not the only problem with keyless ignition systems. It is one thing to forget to turn off a car, but it is scary to think of being unable to do so. Difficulties with engine shut-off arose in NHTSA hearings concerning sudden acceleration problems as well.

Meanwhile, the market continues to grow for keyless ignition options, as well as keyless entry systems. Who has not had the frustrating experience of losing one's keys? Unfortunately, the technology is struggling to meet the demand.