Posted On: February 12, 2010 by Nancy Barron

Ford Motor Credit Company Repossession Class Action Settlement

1102882_traffic_warning_sign_4.jpg Ford Motor Credit Company ("FMCC") has settled a class action involving 15,877 vehicle repossessions. For details on this case and other similar cases, click on Class Actions. FMCC will stop collection of approximately $110,810,774 in outstanding deficiency balances. FMCC will also refund the full amount that qualified class members already paid toward their post-repossession deficiency. This class action settlement received final approval of the San Diego Superior Court at a duly noticed hearing on January 8, 2010. The case is entitled Ford Motor Credit Company v O'Neal (San Diego Superior Court Case No. 37-2007-00077225-CL-CL-SC). Bryan Kemnitzer and Nancy Barron of Kemnitzer Barron & Krieg in San Francisco, Alec Trueblood of Los Angeles, and Lilys McCoy of San Diego represented the class. Class members are invited to call 1-877-435-4072 for an update on this case.